Cathedral organ to get new lease of life

Manx Lottery Trust, in collaboration with The National Lottery Community Fund, has awarded a grant of £15,000 towards the tonal restoration and preservation of a vintage pipe organ at Cathedral Isle of Man. 

St German’s Foundation for Music and the Arts applied for the funding to assist with the renovation of the 1883 Brindley and Foster Pipe Organ – a Victorian church instrument which is challenged by the needs of a growing Cathedral. Through an overall £350,000 investment, plans to transform the current instrument into a new three-manual pipe organ; preserving the heritage of the original piece while improving its capacity for the future are well underway. 

The organ is used for local, Diocesan and Civic Services, significant occasions, concerts and recitals, grade and diploma examinations and for teaching by the Cathedral Organist, Organ Scholar and local players. Once fully restored, it’s hoped the instrument will inspire visitors, worshippers and congregations as well as future generations of organists and choristers. 

Cathedral Organist Dr Peter Litman said: ‘The Island’s Cathedral is undergoing a major transformation and finding its place within the Manx Church and Island community. Each area of the Cathedral is developing – the gardens, hospitality, music and so on – and the development of the organ is a key element. It is the beating heart of the Cathedral Choir and is central to the quality of music offered to the Island community at the Cathedral. 

‘We’d like to extend our grateful thanks to Manx Lottery Trust for awarding this grant. Its support will go a long way and help to ensure the transformation of the organ is a successful project.’ 

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, added: ‘We are pleased to award this grant to St German’s Foundation for Music and the Arts. The pipe organ plays such an important role in the Island’s Cathedral and we wish the team the very best with the tonal restoration.’ 

This grant was from the Manx Lottery Trust’s Community Awards Programme. Information on current funding programmes and application forms can be found at


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