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           The Chief Minister Alfred Cannan MHK has unveiled the Isle of Man’s new Council
           of Ministers.
               he Chief Minister said: “We have a huge   Minister for Infrastructure  “There are a number of immediate challenges
               amount of work to do in the weeks and   •   Jane Poole-Wilson MHK has been   we face, such as energy pricing and the
          Tmonths ahead, but also in the longer   appointed as Minister for Justice and Home   COVID-19 pandemic as we enter the winter
           term as we seek to deliver a secure, vibrant and   A airs           months.  But we must also focus on the longer
           sustainable future for our Island.  I have sought to   •   David Ashford MHK has been appointed   term.  With my Tynwald colleagues, we have
           shape a ministerial team that I believe can deliver   as Minister for the Treasury  already started work on developing a fi ve year
           on this long term vision for the people of the Isle   Mrs Poole-Wilson will also deputise for the Chief   Island Plan to deliver a better future for all.”
           of Man.”
                                             Minister should he be unavailable.   Departmental memberships and appointments
           The Council of Ministers is made up of the Chief                     to statutory boards will be announced in due
                                             Daphne Cain MHK will chair the Climate Change
           Minister and eight ministers, all of whom are                        course.
                                             Transformation Board and Chris
           members of the House of Keys:
                                             Thomas MHK will chair a new
           •   Kate Lord-Brennan MHK has been   Housing and Community Board.
              appointed as Minister for the Cabinet O  ce
                                             The Chief Minister continued: “I
           •   Dr Alex Allinson MHK has been appointed
                                             have consulted with members
              as Minister for Enterprise
                                             of Tynwald in recent days,
           •   Julie Edge MHK has been appointed as
                                             listening to their views, ideas
              Minister for Education, Sport and Culture
                                             and suggestions.  I want to
           •   Clare Barber MHK has been appointed
                                             draw on the collective will of
              as Minister for Environment, Food and
                                             every member of Tynwald and
                                             work together to improve the
           •   Lawrie Hooper MHK has been appointed
                                             lives of the people of our Island
              as Minister for Health and Social Care
           •   Tim Crookall MHK has been appointed as

            New group aims to build collaboration, communication & resilience.

                he Chamber of Commerce has set up a   established network which helped retailers to   Andy Corrie, who was Chair of the Retail
                new group to help small, independent,   work together to ensure that essential supplies   Forum, will continue in the same role with the
            Tlocally owned and operated businesses.   were available to the whole community. But   Local Economy Forum. He said: “By working
            The Local Economy Forum will bring together   that experience also showed that there was   together all businesses in the sector will be in
            customer facing businesses to increase   a need to provide a forum with a wider remit   a stronger position to meet future challenges.
            collaboration and communication, and harness   that also included the food and drink sector,   The new forum is open to all businesses
            that collective strength to build future resilience   hairdressers and beauty salons, gyms, motor   that serve the public and will o er practical
            for the sector.                   repair and maintenance garages and pet care   help such as advice regarding Isle of Man
                                              businesses. All of these businesses make   Government support schemes, keeping
            It has been created by expanding the remit
                                              a massive contribution to everyday life on   businesses up to date about legal changes
            of Chamber’s existing Retail Forum, which the
                                              the Island, and the economy. Many su ered   and consultations, and sharing information
            Local Economy Forum has replaced. Chamber
                                              disproportionately during lockdowns because   from all those who take part in the forum who
            describes the new group as an ‘inclusive
                                              the nature of their customer-facing business   will bring their own expertise, experience and
            forum open to all customer facing businesses’
                                              models meant that there was no option to set   knowledge.”
            which will allow it to ‘better represent the
                                              up an online alternative. Even now some are
            multitude of smaller locally owned independent                     Chamber has forums that cover all sectors
                                              facing challenges to recover from months of
            businesses’.                                                       of the Island’s economy, including a Visitor
                                              reduced incomes. That’s one of the reasons
            Rebecca George, Chamber CEO, told B365:   why we have created the new Local Economy   Economy Forum. Some local businesses may
            “The Retail Forum has been brilliant at creating   Forum as an additional way that Chamber can   fall into the remit of the Local Economy and/or
            a forum for discussion and action to help   help them on the road to recovery, but the   the Visitor Economy forums, so the two groups
            businesses in that sector. It came to the fore   main aim is to provide a strong, collective voice   will be working closely together.
            during lockdowns because it provided an   for businesses in this sector.”
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