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              Study of 20,000+ expats reveals their global     Expats rank Jersey as well as Australia and
               confidence to live and work abroad has not        Switzerland among the most stable places to
               diminished                                        live and work
              Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man rank in
               the top 10 places to live and work
           The 14th annual Expat Explorer study - a global survey of over 20,000 people who live and work
           abroad - indicates that almost two thirds (65%) of expats feel optimistic about the year ahead despite
           the volatility of the past 18 months.
               he key reason driving optimism is their   4.  Making new friends (45%)  and many are looking forward to remaining
               hope to live ‘normally’ again (75%), but   5.  Going out more (41%)  there for the foreseeable future. Following many
          Tsix in ten (61%) are also feeling positive                           months of uncertainty, I’m heartened to hear
                                             However, the study also highlights some of
           because of the quality of life they will be able to                  how expats are benefi tting from relocating –
                                             the challenges that expats have faced during
           enjoy. Expats in Taiwan are the most optimistic                      over two-thirds told us they feel their quality of
                                             the pandemic. Over half (63%) have been
           (85%), closely followed by those in Australia,                       life is better now, albeit with a lot of changes.
                                             stopped from travelling abroad for business,
           New Zealand, and Vietnam (all 83%).
                                             and the majority (90%) were unable to see   “Despite their positivity, I’m very mindful of
           Overall in the study, which is managed by   family or friends in their home countries. Yet it   the disruption they have experienced (which
           Channel Islands-headquartered HSBC Expat,   also points to the resilience of the global expat   remains ongoing in certain locations) including
           the Crown Dependencies have risen up the   community, as two in fi ve (42%) say they were   their ability to see family or friends in their home
           rankings this year into the top ten, with Guernsey   able to continue to manage their physical health,   countries, and travel for business. This reality
           in 5th, Jersey in 6th and the Isle of Man in 7th.  and over a third (36%) continued to spend time   puts their optimism in even sharper focus and
                                             outside.                           makes me more determined to fully support our
           As the world has been in a state of fl ux during
                                                                                expat customers as they navigate life away from
           the pandemic, the study suggests that locations   Cameron Senior, Interim Head of HSBC Expat,
           where a sense of stability has been maintained   told B365: "Despite incredibly challenging times,
           ranked highly. Nearly all expats based in   I am encouraged to see sparks of optimism   “As an expat living in Jersey and working across
           Australia, Switzerland and Jersey would   among global expats. Our study confi rms that   the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, I know how
           recommend their location as a ‘stable’ place   expats continue to thrive in their host countries   beautiful and stable the islands are and so I’m
           to live in the next 12 months - Australia (92%),                     not surprised to see each of them ranking in the
           Switzerland (92%), Jersey (90%).                                     top ten places to live and work.
           Expats’ desire to live and work abroad has                           Overall, expats ranked the following locations as
           not been diminished by the pandemic – the                            the top 10 places to live and work in 2021:
           majority plan to stay in their host location for
                                                                                1.   Switzerland
           the foreseeable future, with 80% intending to
                                                                                2.   Australia
           continue living in their host country for the next
                                                                                3.   New Zealand
           year at least, and only 7% planning to move.
                                                                                4.   UAE
           The fi ndings suggest expats are prioritising                         5.   Guernsey
           personal lifestyle choices rather than traditional                   6.   Jersey
           relocation drivers - such as career progression                      7.   Isle of Man
           (34%) or expanding professional network (31%).                       8.   Bahrain
           The top fi ve goals that expats look forward to                       9.   Singapore
           achieving in the next 12 months are:                                 10.  Qatar
           1.   Getting to know the local area (50%)                               For more information about the
           2.  Travelling (47%)                                                  fi ndings, and HSBC Expat products,
           3.  Understanding and exploring local culture   Cameron Senior, Interim Head of   visit:
              (47%)                                     HSBC Expat                       explorer-results/

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