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          An Isle of Man delegation joined world leaders by attending the United Nation’s
          landmark climate event, COP26, in Scotland, including newly appointed Chair of the
          Climate Change Transformation Board, Daphne Caine MHK.
              he Glasgow summit provided a platform   speed up the switch to electric vehicles.
              for the biggest climate crisis talks in
         Tyears, and organisers hope it will lead   As part of the Island’s 2050 commitment a
          countries to accelerate plans to reduce net zero   Climate Change Bill, which is currently pending
          emission targets, slow global warming and keep   royal assent, was delivered, which requires a
          temperature rise below 1.5C.      continuous fi ve-year rolling action plan.
                                            Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan MHK, said: “It
          The Isle of Man chose to showcase its
                                            is fi tting that the Island was invited to attend
          compelling story around the blue carbon stores
                                            COP26, as we have a strong commitment to
          in our shores which will show how we quantify,
                                            climate change action. It will be a key feature
          categorise, utilise and enhance the existing blue
                                            in our new Island Plan, which will outline the
          carbon resources.
                                            roadmap for Government for this administration.”
          The footage showcased the beauty of the marine
          environment, help viewers understand the need
          to protect our oceans alongside our scientists’   The Isle of Man
          work in helping protect it for future generations. It
          featured as part of Nature Day.             Government has
                                             committed to reach net
          Daphne Caine MHK, said: “I’m delighted to be
          attending such an important event. This is a great   zero carbon emissions
          opportunity to see what other jurisdictions are   by 2050 - a goal also
          doing, learn from each other, and help us move
          quickly to take the action needed to mitigate   pledged by the UK, the
          climate change.”
                                                  US and many other
          It comes just months after a major scientifi c   developed nations.
          report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
          Change (IPCC) said human activity is ‘changing   Meanwhile, on-Island, Net Zero Isle of Man ran
          the climate in unprecedented and sometimes   a programme of activities during COP26 to
          irreversible ways’.
                                            highlight the signifi cance of the conference, and
          The landmark study warned of increasingly   local climate change action.
          extreme heatwaves, droughts and fl ooding, and
                                            Members of the public were invited to take part
          a key temperature limit being broken in just over
                                            in a series of insightful community activities,
          a decade - but scientists say a catastrophe can
                                            where they could discover how the climate crisis
          be avoided if the world acts fast.
                                            has impacted the Island and its biodiversity, hear
          The Isle of Man Government has committed to   inspiring stories of individuals who have made
          reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 - a   positive steps to tackle climate change, and learn
          goal also pledged by the UK, the US and many   what they can do to help save our planet.
          other developed nations.
                                            The programme of events included a fi ve-part
          Net zero is the point at which a country is   webinar series with key speakers on the frontline
          removing as many climate-changing gases   of climate action, including NASA astronaut
          from the atmosphere as it is putting in. To reach   Nicole Stott and Special Advisor to the Climate
          this target Governments will need to invest in   Change Transformation Board, Professor James
          renewable energy, increase natural carbon   Curran. Other activities included courses,
          habitats, improve home energy e  ciencies and   workshops, tree planting and school assemblies.

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