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 your cloud   www .business 365 iom. co .uk                                                     ISSUE 11 I   2021

 transformation                                                    5    MANX DELEGATION AT COP26

                      A comprehensive round-up of the latest business news
                      covering all sectors within the Isle of Man’s diverse and   6  ISLAND RANKS IN TOP 10 FOR EXPATS
                      dynamic business environment.
                                                                        NEW COUNCIL OF MINISTERS GETS TO
 Enable hybrid working  Full range of cloud options                8 WORK
 With our Cloud services, your   Our experts will help you choose       NEW PULSE SURVEY SHOWS BUSINESS
 applications are available   from public, private or hybrid   Expert comment from leading figures within the business   9 OPTIMISM
 wherever you are   cloud services  community, on a variety of topical issues across a range
                                                                  12    THE BATTLE FOR TALENT
                      of sectors.
 Scalability  Migration assistance                                      TESCO ADDS MORE MANX MEAT
 Drive growth and   We can help with the   Looking at the people who keep the wheels of   13 PRODUCTS
 productivity with our   most complex cloud   commerce turning on the Island; features, profiles,   PLAN.COM AND BT ENTER NETWORK
                      achievements and stories with a human dimension.
 flexible services  transformations                               16 PARTNERSHIP
                                                                        WE SHOULDN’T IGNORE HOW WE FEEL
                                                                20 ABOUT RISK, SAYS PETER SHARKEY
                      Who, what, where – a comprehensive appointments
                      section keeping you abreast of all the movements within   THE COMMON WAYS TO LAUNDER MONEY
                                                                24 AND HOW TO SPOT THEM
                      the business community.
                                                                        FIVE LESSONS ON MENTAL HEALTH WE
 Benefits of Sure   Lifestyle  Lifestyle                         26 CAN LEARN FROM HORSES
 cloud services       Living a full and productive life is all about finding the right   92 PER CENT OF BUSINESS OWNERS
                      balance between work and play. Here at B365 we know
                      the importance of both. Our new lifestyle section will include   39 ‘GUILTY’ OVER WORK/LIFE BALANCE
                      regular topics covering travel, motoring, property, health and   MY BIOSPHERE – WITH LAURA MCCOY
          Living a full and productive life is all about fi nding the right balance between work and play.
          Here at B365 we know the importance of both. Our new lifestyle section covers topics
            including travel, motoring, property, health, sport and leisure.  leisure.  40 FROM MNH
          38  | B365 – bringing a bit of balance into your life!
                                                                42      A GOOD MOMENT TO BUY PROPERTY?
 Superior application   Opex consumption   Exactly what it says on the tin – news snippets, forthcoming   44  FOUR WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOME
 performance  model   events and information from the business world.   GREENER
 Our direct connectivity   Reduce your fixed costs and                  VIDEO CALL PHRASES TO WOW YOUR
 delivers high speed cloud   pay only for what you use  Cover photograph: Amoré du Plessi (  50 COLLEAGUES
          This publication is printed on a Heidelberg SpeedMaster SX74 5 colour lithographic
 Unique secure services  Single cloud provider  printing press on carbon balanced paper which is produced at one of the world’s   Business365 evolved from Mannin Group’s highly successful, market leading publication, Money Media.
          most environmentally advanced paper mills ensuring it’s ultra clean and friendly to the
                                                     The new title embraces and builds on the ethos of its predecessor offering an all-embracing look at all
 Protect your critical data   We offer integrated cloud,   environment.  sectors of the Isle of Man’s vibrant business community. Business365’s incisive editorial reflects the Isle of
 with our offshore cloud  network and security solutions  Man’s standing as an international business centre of repute, and its modern, stylish presentation makes
                                                     the magazine the first choice for industry leaders and professionals. In keeping with its position as the
                                                     Isle of Man’s premier business publication Business365 enjoys an extensive distribution network. The
                                                     magazine is delivered by post to all Isle of Man business addresses and is widely available in dispensers
                                                     at the airport and the sea terminal in Douglas.
          tel: 01624 696565   |   mail:
                                                     Should you require further copies of the magazine, please call (01624) 696565.
 Discover how our cloud experts can help you today   To whom all matters relating to editorial should be addressed. Articles may be submitted for publication at the publisher’s

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