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           Shoppers treated to stew & burgers at launch of mince & diced beef range

               esco has expanded its range of Isle of                         to be popular with shoppers looking to make
               Man Meats products to include minced                           sure it’s Manx and create tasty, great value
           Tand diced beef which went on sale last                            meals any day of the week.”

           To celebrate the launch shoppers at the store
                                                                              Neil Connell, Tesco Douglas Store Manager,
           tucked into free samples of beef stew and
                                                                              said: “We’re always keen to support local
           burgers cooked up by Isle of Man Meats chef
                                                                              producers which are so important to Manx
           Maciej Mierzejewski.
                                                                              agriculture and the local economy, so we’re
           Phil Parsons, Plant Director at Isle of Man                        delighted to extend the Isle of Man Meats
           Meats, told B365: “This is great news for us,                      range which is already very popular. Freshness,
           Tesco, and the local economy. We have a great                      quality and value are very important to Tesco
           relationship with Tesco, and our range of whole                    and our customers – and Isle of Man Meats’
           and half shoulders of Manx lamb, whole and                         products meet all of those criteria, so this is an
           half legs of Manx lamb, Manx beef roasting   but that was delayed due to the impact of   ideal partnership for us.”
           joints, and Manx beef carvery joints are already   the pandemic. So we’re delighted to see our   Find out more about Isle of Man Meats at www.
           popular with their customers. We have been   minced and diced beef products in store and, on Facebook, Instagram, and
           working to expand the range for some time,   already selling well. I’m sure they will continue
                                                                              Twitter @IsleOfManMeats

              The o  cial launch at Tesco for the new Isle of Man Meats minced and diced beef products. At the front (left to right) are Colin Pilkington
              (Compliance Manager, Isle of Man Meats); Neil Connell (Tesco Douglas Store Manager); Kelley Maddocks (Packaging and Labelling Supervisor,
              Isle of Man Meats); Tim Baker (Chair, Isle of Man Meats); Phil Parsons (Plant Director, Isle of Man Meats); and Kirree Kermode (Procurement
              O  cer; Isle of Man Meats).

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