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           Dominion Marine, one of the world’s leading superyacht ownership and management service providers,
           is entering a new era, with founder Chris Allix handing over the reins to his senior management team.
               he move marks 50 years in the business   Allix worked alongside the IOM Ship Registry
               for Mr Allix, who helped to pioneer the   to implement the very fi rst commercial yacht
          Tyacht management industry in the Isle of   code resulting in Dominion registering the fi rst
           Man. Simon Roberts, current Director & Head of   commercial yacht in the Isle of Man.
           Yachting for the Dominion Group, will become
                                             Today Dominion Marine has particular
           the new Managing Director with immediate
                                             expertise in corporate ownership solutions
           e ect, with Mr Allix retiring at the end of the year.
                                             for superyachts based worldwide, along with
           Mr Allix’s career began in September 1971 as a   its market leading crew management division
           corporate and trust services specialist and 13   which is operated out of Jersey. The company
           years later he set up Dominion Marine in the   has managed thousands of yachts over the
           Isle of Man. A request by a client to register his   years and currently has 100+ of the world’s most
           yacht fundamentally changed the direction of   prestigious superyachts under management,
           the company and marked the fi rst superyacht   making the Isle of Man a globally recognised
           registration in the Island.       centre of excellence in the sector.
           In the late eighties, the Mediterranean Yacht   “My retirement will introduce a new generation
           Brokers’ Association approached Dominion,   of management,” said Mr Allix. “I have worked
           expressing concerns that many yachts were not   with Simon for 12 years now and am confi dent   Chris Allix, Founder
           being properly registered and as a result, Mr   that under his strategic leadership Dominion
                                             Marine can only go from strength to strength.   the yachting industry, what really sets us apart is
                                             This move will give me more time to pursue   the dedication of our experienced sta , whose
                                             other ideas and similar interest’s which I am   personalised client focused approach is second
                                             really looking forward to”.        to none. Furthermore, the strategic plans we
                                                                                have are already being implemented, so the
                                             Simon, who has over 20 years’ experience in
                                                                                future is very exciting indeed".
                                             the corporate and maritime industry, said: "I am
                                             delighted to take over the management of the
                                             Dominion Marine global group of companies.
                                             Whilst I believe we lead the way in the corporate
                                             ownership and crew management solutions in

             Simon Roberts, Managing Director

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