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           Christmas deliveries are under threat from supply chain problems. Here Dr Jonathan Owens, logistics
           expert from the University of Salford Business School comments on the situation, saying we could see
           higher prices and lack of availability this festive season.
               r Owens said: “Empty shelves, delayed   shortage and driven up container prices.    Companies build into their planning about a 3%
               or cancelled deliveries have become                              loss of personnel, before it starts to a ect their
                                             “Shipping has been extremely tough during
          Da familiar sight for many, as companies                              operations.
                                             the pandemic. However, what perhaps makes
           struggle to meet demands on-line and traditional
                                             Ningbo a signifi cant announcement is it is the   “Often, they can cope with small fl uctuations,
           supply channels, with decreased capacity.
                                             world’s third busiest cargo port and at a time   but as we have seen with the HGV distribution
           “Christmas supply routes are now running, and   when Christmas supply chains are now being   industry this has been the perfect storm.  They
           many companies are fi nding it challenging to   loaded.  Subsequently, what we could be seeing   have lost a signifi cant workforce who returned to
           book their place on the ships, as currently the   downstream in our supply chains is delays and   the EU post Brexit.
           main supply route for our manufactured products   eventually bottlenecks appearing at our ports   “To counter this the sector has been building up
           is China.                         and distribution hubs at the busiest time of the   capacity through training new drivers, however
                                             year. This year could see a more expensive
           “Ningbo port has been partially closed to                            this takes time and once these new drivers were
                                             Christmas shopping experience, product
           shipping tra  c due to a Covid outbreak.  This                      trained the Covid restrictions created a backlog
                                             shortage especially and not as much choice.
           bottleneck is going to cause further disruption                      in getting them licensed and on the road.  We
           to the global supply of shipping containers,   “For supply chains to function well, they need   have seen choice and variety of product being
           which have never recovered from the fi rst wave   good infrastructure throughout, be digitally and   reduced, but often the price has risen, and we
           and are still imbalanced, which has created a   IT connected, but crucially they need people.    will probably see more rises on the horizon.”




           Digital Isle of Man, an Executive Agency of the Department for Enterprise, has installed a number of
           indoor air quality monitors in the Island’s schools and the Tynwald chambers as part of its Internet of
           Things (IoT) Accelerator Program.
               he indoor air quality monitoring project is   in school environments can have a signifi cant   levels.  These are all factors that are important
               the fi rst IoT trial chosen by Digital Isle of   impact on pupils’ ability to learn e ectively.   to be aware of for optimal comfort, health and
          TMan due to its use of relatively low cost   Both in terms of academic progress and health   cognition. The levels of CO2 exhaled can
           devices that capture lots of data, its benefi ts   and well-being, this initiative will provide vital   become more concentrated with low ventilation,
           to health, and its credentials as a practical and   data, enabling us to e ectively review existing   causing potential disruption to concentration and
           inspiring example to use in educational and   environments within schools and inform the   e ective learning.’
           political settings.               planning stages of any education infrastructure
                                             in the future.’
           Sarah Ennett, IoT Manager at Digital Isle of Man,                              Poor quality air
           ctold B365: ‘We are very proud to tell you about    Sarah Ennett, IoT Manager at Digital Isle of Man,
           one of our fi rst IoT trials on the Island; one that is   continued: ‘We spend up to 90% of our time   has a measurable
           so important to protect the health, and support   indoors, and poor quality air has a measurable
           the development of, our Island’s young residents.  impact on cognitive performance as well as   impact on
                                             being harmful to health.  A healthy indoor
           ‘The pilot started at Scoill Phurt le Moirrey. We                                      cognitive
                                             environment means that there is adequate
           began planning back in spring and the devices
                                             ventilation to introduce and distribute clean air,   performance as
           have been collecting data since the beginning
                                             that contaminants are controlled, and that the
           of June.  The results are really encouraging and                                  well as being
                                             temperature and humidity level are comfortable.
           we’ve learned a lot about how to talk to teachers
           and students about the devices, as well as how   ‘Importantly at this time, non-ventilated indoor   harmful to health
           to calibrate and install the units themselves. We   spaces can increase the likelihood of aerosol
           are now working closely with the Department of   transmission of COVID-19 and CO2 levels
                                                                                These initial trials form part of a wider project
           Education, Sport and Culture to install them in all   can be monitored as a proxy for possible
                                                                                portfolio aimed at supporting the social and
           of our Island’s schools.’         transmissibility. The small devices measure
                                                                                economic development of the Island across
                                             several parameters in a room; Carbon Dioxide
            Joel Smith, Learning Transformation Lead                            all areas of our working and home lives. This
           at the Department of Education, Sport and   (CO2) concentration, total volatile organic   supports Digital Isle of Man’s long-term objective
           Culture, commented: ‘Research has shown that   compounds (TVOC), temperature, humidity level,   of showcasing that the Isle of Man is an ideal
           monitoring levels of CO2, heat, humidity and light   light levels, barometric pressure and activity   location for innovative technology trials.
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