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           The general election has come and gone and       The new             politicians are politically uncomfortable at
           the dust now settles – or does it?                                   the thought of a large-scale social housing
           The new House of Keys, which includes ten   House of Keys,           programme they need to ask themselves what
                                                                                is the alternative?
           women, will face something of a baptism of
           fire in the coming months. The effects of the   which includes       Local charities are overwhelmed with people
           coronavirus pandemic will linger for years, but                      needing that most basic requirement – a
           the new government can’t afford to use the   ten women,              decent roof over their heads. It’s a growing
           virus hangover as an excuse for inactivity.                          problem that is polarising our society.
           The previous administration’s lacklustre          will face          The gap between the rich and poor is
           performance pre-Covid was largely forgotten                          growing and government seems reluctant, or
           as the Island joined together to fight the virus.   something of a   powerless, to address the problem.
           The new cohort must focus on some pressing
                                                                                Meanwhile, we have roads described by
           issues, many of which the various individuals
           that now make up the Keys, flagged up in their   baptism of fire     recent visiting motor enthusiasts as ‘third
           manifestos.                                                          world’. A shiny new prom (when it’s finished)
                                                   in the coming                and a pristine TT course aside, they have a
           At the top of the list are the housing crisis and                    point.
           improvements to infrastructure. If the Island      months
           is to succeed in bringing new talent and                             It’s great to see a more gender balanced
                                                                                House of Keys. Let’s hope they apply a more
           new business to its shores it must be able to   Part of the current problem would appear to
           provide decent, affordable accommodation for   be that the major construction companies   considered and compassionate approach to
           people, and offer roads, towns and facilities   are driving the agenda. There’s lots of house   tackling the very real social challenges our
           that are fit for purpose.         building going on but very little that most first-  community faces.
           Housing is an old chestnut successive   time buyers could even dream of affording.
           administrations have collectively failed   If we lived in a perfect world everybody
           to crack. The recent boom was probably   would be able to afford to make that first
           overdue after years in which the housing   step on the property ladder. Sadly, we don’t.
           market was in the doldrums.       The alternative is social housing, and if some

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