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           Two million malicious emails bypassed traditional email defences, like secure email gateways, between
           July 2020-July 2021, according to new data from Human Layer Security company Tessian.
              hese emails were detected by inbound   most at 31, employees in the food & drink   account takeover attacks.
              email security tool Tessian Defender and,   industry received 22, research and development   The top fi ve brands most likely to be
          Tin a fi rst-of-its-kind report, Tessian analysed   employees received 16 and tech employees   impersonated in the malicious emails detected
           them to reveal how these attacks slipped past   received 14.         between July 2020 and July 2021 were
           existing controls and the                      Interestingly, Tessian   Microsoft, ADP, Amazon, Adobe Sign and Zoom
           tactics cybercriminals use to                  researchers found that   - the latter likely spurred on by the shift to remote
           carry out advanced spear                       malicious emails are typically   working.
           phishing attacks.                              delivered around 2 p.m.   Josh Yavor, Chief Information Security O  cer,
           The report revealed that                       and 6 p.m. in the hopes that   Tessian told B365: “Gone are the days of the
           organisations received the                     a phishing email will slip   bulk spam and phishing attacks, and here to stay
           most malicious emails in the                   through the cracks of a tired   is the highly targeted spear phishing email. Why?
           last three months of the year,                 or distracted employee. In   Because they reap the biggest rewards,
           with Tessian detecting 45 per                  a previous Tessian report,   “The problem is that these types of attacks
           cent more malicious emails                     45 per cent of employees   are evolving every day. Cybercriminals are
           in October, November and                       admitted they had clicked   always fi nding ways to bypass detection and
           December 2020 versus the                       on a phishing email because   reach employees’ inboxes, leaving people as
           quarter before. November                       they were distracted.  organisations’ last line of defence. It’s completely
           2020 saw the biggest spike, with around 90,000   When looking at the techniques used to target   unreasonable to expect every employee to
           malicious emails detected in the week of the   employees, impersonation tactics like display   identify every sophisticated phishing attack and
           Black Friday sales.               name spoofi ng, whereby the attacker changes   not fall for them. Even with training, people will
           Overall, employees received an average of   the sender’s name to someone the target   make mistakes or be tricked. Businesses need
           14 malicious emails per year. However, this   recognises, were used in 19 per cent of malicious   a more advanced approach to email security to
           number rose dramatically in the retail sector,   emails while domain impersonation, whereby   stop the threats that are getting through - the
           with employees in this industry receiving the   the attacker sets up an email address that looks   attacks that are causing the most damage -
           most malicious attacks at 49 on average.   like a legitimate one, was used in 11 per cent of   because it’s not enough to rely on your people
           Manufacturing employees received the second   threats detected by Tessian. Two per cent were   100% of the time.”


           Investment Management and Fund Administration company, FIM Capital, headed by Russell Collister and
           Graham Smith, has announced that the assets under management by its investment management arm
           now exceed US$1bn after a period of signifi cant growth

                riginally founded in 2006 the business                          sustainable investment for some time both not
                has enjoyed a period of sustained                               only in terms of its investment strategy but also
          Ogrowth which has accelerated since                                   in its commitment to the environment through
           a management buyout was completed by the                             its longstanding main sponsorship of Beach
           executive team in 2014.                                              Buddies, a  liation with the UN Principles for
                                                                                Responsible Investment, partnership with
           The Investment Management division of FIM
           Capital provides a range of Investment services,                     UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and ongoing
           including bespoke Discretionary and Advisory                         support for UK charity Plastic Oceans, amongst
           Investment Management, their range of ‘Pound                         other initiatives.
           a Day’ Model Portfolios and Institutional Fund                       Russell Collister, Chief Investment O  cer of
           Management.  The business prides itself on its                       FIM Capital told B365:“We are very pleased
           hard-won reputation for client service excellence                    to have reached this signifi cant milestone for
           which is provided to a global client base                            the business and believe our robust approach
           including a range of private clients, institutions,                  of focussing on quality, long-term investments
           charities, trustees, and family o  ces.                             combined with rigorous analysis and active
                                              Russell Collister, Chief Investment O  cer
           The investment philosophy of the business is                         engagement stands us in good stead as we
           built upon an active management approach with                        look to the future.  Our independence gives
                                             valuable insight into each investment.  us complete autonomy and fl exibility to invest
           a focus on long-term quality assets allied to a
           robust investment process combining intensive   The growth in assets under management at FIM   in assets that are right for our clients, and the
           fundamental analysis, thorough research, and   Capital has accelerated in recent years, driven   commitment we give to researching our direct
           active engagement with companies.  A key   by an infl ux of new clients, strong investment   equity holdings provides us with a unique
           component of this strategy is to make direct   performance and support for its range of cost   perspective when making investment decisions.”
           company visits, engage with management and   e ective ‘Pound a Day’ model portfolios.
           attend AGMs which provides the team with a
                                             FIM Capital has also been in the vanguard of

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