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            Manx Utilities have announced the addition of the fi rst Electric Vehicle (EV) public rapid charging
            point as part of its ‘pay-for-use’ charging network.
                he unit is conveniently be located at the   for businesses to support their workforce   bay painting and enforcement of parking
                Sea Terminal to accommodate residents,   EV charging needs and domestic customers   restrictions regarding time limits for use, to
            Tbusinesses and visitors; and brings the   who wish to charge at home with a dedicated   ensure all users can access charging in a fair
            current potential Island o ering for EV public   charge point can also benefi t from cheaper   way.
            charge points to 47.              electricity at night as part of their EV tari .  Overall, we are seeing a steady growth of
            The new rapid charge point is capable of   Chief Executive, Phil King said, “It is important   EV take-up on the Isle of Man with a saving
            providing 100 miles of range for a 30 minute   that we continue to expand the EV public   of over 27,000kg (45,734kg to date) of CO2
            charge based on 4 miles per kWh at a cost   charging network for the Island to ensure it is   recorded last year and so already improving
            of 25p per kWh (approx. 7p per mile) which is   fi t for the future and supports Government’s   the air quality of our Island environment
            competitive with UK pricing and less than petrol   climate change action plan to net zero   by providing a total mileage based on 4
            or diesel fuel alternatives.      emissions.  Manx Utilities is proactively working   miles p/kWh to date of over 325,000 miles.
            Douglas Promenade residents, businesses   with a variety of stakeholders including   Evidence shows that EV drivers are typically
            and visitors will also be able to access a further   businesses, domestic consumers, Government   commuting to the workplace and retail outlets
            30 charge points as they come online in the   fl eet services, the disability employment   and charging at these destinations prior to
            coming months due to the investment made in   service, Departments and Local Authorities.   travelling home.  Manx Utilities would welcome
            the capital’s regeneration scheme.  This extensive engagement has allowed Manx   any enquiries from recreational or hospitality
                                              Utilities to identify key sites where civil works   sites that benefi t the Island community, for
            Manx Utilities works closely with the   are planned to allow shared excavations for   consideration in the future.  We already have
            Department of Infrastructure to monitor   future network installations.”  installations agreed with Tynwald Mills, Jurby
            demand and ensure the European standard of                         Medical Centre and an increase at Port St Mary
            1 charging point for every 10 EVs is maintained;   Mr King went on to say, “We are aware EV   Town Hall in addition to having some proactive
            estimated to be up to 30 charge points per   users have voiced concerns of their inability   conversations with several other organisations
            annum at current levels of Island demand.  The   to access public charging bays when most   looking to provide charging locations for EV
            utility provides an EV commercial tari  incentive   needed and therefore parking orders will
                                              be put in place which includes signage,   users.”



            Patients in the Isle of Man have been accessing their medical records online via EMIS Patient
            Access for almost fi ve years – and can now also view those records securely through the NHS App.
                 s healthcare continues to be   The advent of the NHS App has o ered UK   nor of the governance arrangements which
                 transformed through technology and   and Isle of Man residents a direct route to   allow for this.
            Adigital innovation, the terms under   view their health records, as the App connects   It is the responsibility of the data controller, in
            which patient data is held and processed   securely to their patient data held on EMIS,   this case GPs and Manx Care, to let people
            need to be updated and refreshed, to ensure   in the same way as EMIS Patient Access.   know how their data is held or processed. With
            the overriding principles of data privacy and   Importantly, if a patient does not wish to use   regard to the patient record, this responsibility
            security continue to be upheld.   the NHS app then no data is available. The   passed from the Department of Health and
                                              App is also a neutral portal for Manx patients to
            The rollout of the EMIS Patient Access app                         Social Care to Manx Care in April this year.
            in 2016 meant for the fi rst time, Isle of Man   access other applications o ering a range of   It is important that the relationship between
            patients could view their records, consultations,   advice and information to promote health and   patient data and the portals which access it
            test results and other information held securely   wellbeing.      are clearly understood by patients, as well as
            by their GP online. The app also o ers patients   Island residents who have registered for the   the safeguards in place to ensure security. This
            a convenient way to contact their local practice,   NHS App through high level authentication   information will be clearly communicated to
            to book appointments and request prescription   and explicit agreement to the terms of its   patients via the Manx Care Privacy Notice and
            medicines, from their home computer or   operation, have been able to view their   the NHS App terms of use
            mobile device.                    medical records, and for some people this has
                                              been unexpected. However, the Department   Patient information is held securely on a patient
            To enable this development, Isle of Man patient                    administration system when they register with
            data is held on behalf of GPs in the secure   of Health and Social Care and Manx Care can   a GP for NHS services. Isle of Man patients are
            EMIS datacentre in the UK, a system fully   confi rm that no additional sharing of data has   reassured that their data has not been shared
            compliant with data protection and privacy   been involved and patient data is protected,   with any third parties and that information which
            legislation. As owners of the patient record,   private and secure as it always has been, in line   can be seen on the NHS App is only that held
            GPs remain in control of access to their   with the original commitments made.   in EMIS, the accredited and quality assured
            patients’ data, underpinned by agreements   The DHSC and Manx Care acknowledge that   system used to host millions of GP records.
            within their practices. Patients are informed   the public were not informed that the NHS App
            their data is not shared with anyone in the UK.  would be able to view patients’ health records,
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