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          More than 1,000 schoolchildren in the Isle of Man have been educated about the true reality of
          homelessness over the past academic year.
              ousing Matters’ Peer Education   are only three pay cheques away from potential   backed up by our statistics.
              Programme was launched in 2017 when   homelessness. In a three month lockdown, on a
                                                                              ‘We would not have made this progress without
         Hlocal homebuilder Dandara awarded   signifi cantly reduced income such as MERA, how
                                                                              the fantastic support of Dandara and we are
          the charity a fi ve-year funding package to   do you continue to pay rent and support yourself
                                                                              incredibly grateful. Its support has made a real
          help it deliver the project. By using real-life   and your family? These are the messages that
                                                                              di erence to our young people and their future,
          experiences and stories, it aims to engage   are so important to get across to young people
                                                                              thank you Dandara.’
          primary and secondary school students with   and what we have focused our attention to this
          the issue of homelessness from a young age   academic year.         Since Housing Matters launched the Peer
          and the stark reality of living without permanent                   Education Programme with Dandara’s funding
          accommodation.                                                      support in 2017, the charity has seen an overall
                                                                              reduction of 26% of under 21s contacting it for
          Despite this year’s two lockdowns, which                            advice, housing and other support.
          impacted the charity’s ability to deliver sessions
          during the spring and summer term, it was still                     Dandara Marketing Director Jo Orton said: ‘The
          able to engage with 270 Year 11 pupils at Ramsey                    2020-21 academic year marks the fi nal year of
          Grammar School, 250 Year 11 and Sixth Form                          our fi ve-year partnership with Housing Matters’
          students at Castle Rushen High School and 530                       Peer Education Programme. It is so encouraging
          Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form pupils at St Ninian’s                    to see that since the initiative was launched,
          High School during the autumn term.                                 fewer young people are contacting the charity
                                              Katie Farrall (left) and Margaret Howie (right)   for advice and support. This just demonstrates
          During these sessions, they focused on the   with students from the Buchan  the fantastic positive impact these sessions are
          pandemic and the issues it has brought to those
                                            ‘Early education is absolutely key; ensuring   having.
          without a permanent residence such as ‘how
                                            young people know the facts rather than the   ‘It has been an absolute pleasure to work with
          does a homeless person self-isolate?’ and ‘how
                                            romanticised view of living with friends. Over the   Katie and the team at Housing Matters and we
          can you sofa surf when you are unable to move
                                            past fi ve years, we have had a really positive   look forward to keeping in touch and up-to-date
          from house to house?’
                                            impact on our local young people with the rollout   with the charity’s future endeavours.’
          Katie Farrell, Peer Education Co-ordinator for   of the Peer Education Programme, and this is
          Housing Matters, said: ‘Statistics show that you

                                               Expert speakers on current and future trends
                                              Expert speakers on current and future trends

                                                               Practical cybersecurity scenarios
                                                               Practical cybersecurity scenarios

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