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           The people of the Isle of Man will go to the polls   This election   There are some serious issues to be tackled
           later this month to elect a new House of Keys.                       next term – not least the growing inequality of
           It’s an important time and there are many new   is probably          wealth in our Island.
           faces attempting to enter the political arena for                    Affordable housing is a topic that many
                                                            the most
           the first time.                                                      prospective MHK’s raise before an election,
           Over the next few weeks, leading up to polling                       though – sadly – they seem to suffer amnesia
           Day on September 23rd, prospective MHK’s   important for             once they take their seats.
           will be knocking on doors and introducing                            The Island is experiencing rapid house price
           themselves.                                 many years               inflation after a lengthy period in which values
           This election is probably the most important for                     have fallen. It’s not the re-adjustment that’s the
                                             members of Tynwald and the general public   problem, it’s government’s inability to evolve a
           many years. The Isle of Man is attempting to
           recover from the effects of the global pandemic,                     system to help people get a foot on the property
           and the next administration will need to be both   Successive Tynwalds have promised much but   ladder.
           prudent and imaginative.          fallen short on delivery. They are not helped   Another headline topic this time around is
                                             by the system. Most of our politicians are   climate change. It’s easy for candidates to
           When candidates come to your door don’t be
                                             independents – one voice in 24. It makes the job
           afraid to press them on the important issues, and                    declare their green credentials and a desire to
                                             of pushing through new policies very difficult.  save the planet, though few it seems have much
           don’t be fobbed off by bland political wish lists –
           which make up all too many of the manifestos.  The merits of the Island’s ministerial system are   of a grasp on the practicalities or the cost.
           The Isle of Man is no longer the land of milk   still open to question. The system is evolving   Some of the previous administrations climate
           and honey it was less than twenty years ago.   and the last five years show it has room for   change wish list ideas don’t appear to have
           We need politicians who are passionate in their   improvement.       been properly costed or thought through. The
           desire to make the Island a better place to live                     poorer members of society must not be made to
                                             The Council of Ministers is all-powerful. For
           and work, but also capable of delivering their                       suffer disproportionately in pursuit of the green
                                             members who are not part of the inner sanctum
           message succinctly.                                                  agenda. As things stand that looks like an almost
                                             it can be hugely frustrating when it comes to
                                                                                inevitable consequence of cleaning up our act.
           Grand ideas are of little use if you don’t have   influencing policy or introducing new political
           the ability to articulate your strategies to both   thinking.

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