Working from Home: Random Blog June 23

By Simon Richardson (Editor)

Business365 editor, Simon Richardson – like so many other people on the Island – is working from home. He’s been keeping a daily blog about the experience and reflecting on the strange times we find ourselves in as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic.

How have you been sleeping over the past few months? I’m not the world’s best when it comes to shut eye. I am deeply envious of people who go to bed and sleep soundly until the alarm goes off. It’s a similar story when travelling – there’s not a hope in hell of me nodding off on a train, boat or plane – not that it’s likely I’ll get the chance in the forseeable future.

When I go to bed I can sometimes drift off fairly quickly, but within a couple of hours I’m awake again. I’m also a very light sleeper – I reckon I’d hear a spider cough. 

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of potential remedies – various herbal potions to buckets of wine. The results have been mixed and the latter has consequences. Conventional methods have proved useless; counting sheep was not a positive experience. My maths is suspect at the best of times, and adding up imaginary woolly backs was a step too far. I’ve tried exercise in the hope that taking my body to the point of collapse might work. Wrong. I’ve tried reading – brilliant at the start, two pages and I was gone. But an hour or two later I was awake again, book still in hand, glasses hanging off one ear.

The thing is I am not really one of life’s worriers. I take most things in my stride, but – like many people – my thought processes in the early hours of the morning always convert the mundane and incidental into crises of unimaginable proportion.

So, after another foray into my early hours world of irrational, magnified gloom I thought I’d try a new remedy – CBD. Could a CannabiGold capsule at bedtime help me find the holy grail of an undisturbed night? Well, not entirely, but it did tame the demons that occupy the early hours. I have continued to wake up a few times (sometimes linked to nothing more than being a man of a certain age), but getting back to sleep has been a bit easier. They may not work for everyone – but they might be worth a go. And before you report me to the Old Bill, these are capsules with the hippy juice removed, and are freely available in shops or online.

For many people sleeping has been a problem during the Coronavirus crisis. It’s been a worrying time. Changes to normal life routines and can wreak havoc with your sleep processes. Even the fact that you may be working from home rather than in an office can cause disruption.

My conclusion is that I’m not not going to master sleeping in the same way I’ve never quite come to terms with dancing, singing or eating prawns. But, if I can find a way of converting my early morning thought processes into something positive it would be a step forward. I remember my former colleague Terry Cringle used to keep a notebook at his bedside, so that if he had a Eureka moment in the early hours, he would write it down. It’s good advice – the problem is that in our house you can never find a pen. I’d spend an hour turning the place upside down, and even if I managed to strike biro gold the flash of genius would have flickered and died.

I have had a few strange dreams on the CannabiGold. I was ecstatic the other night, when I woke up believing Liverpool had lost all their remaining games this season. The disappointent when I realised it was a dream was palpable. 

But I guess that’s a lesson for life – enjoy the moment!