Working from Home: Random Blog July 7th

By Simon Richardson (Editor)

Business365 editor, Simon Richardson – like so many other people on the Island – is working from home. He’s been keeping a daily blog about the experience and reflecting on the strange times we find ourselves in as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic.

How are you getting on with all the repeats on TV at the moment? The number of new productions is dropping by the day, so we’re being treated with ‘another chance’ to watch things that in most part we didn’t enjoy that much first time around.

I don’t know about you but I don’t see the point in sitting through a whodunnit series, when you know from spending many long hours watching it last year, who did it.

The ones that go on for two hours are proving particularly popular with the TV companies – probably because they fill more space. Vera has been hogging the airwaves for so long now that viewers who persevere through every episode find themselves unwittingly speaking Geordie. As for Endeavour it should be re-named Endurance.

A Place in the Sun, A New Life in the Sun, Brits Abroad, Living in the Sun, Escape to the Continent and others I can’t remember the names of, appear daily on our schedules; TV bosses are fully committed to making us as miserable as possible during the Covid pandemic. Discovering that David and Janet from Bradford have found their dream place with swimming pool, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a jacuzzi, sun terrace and a complimentary donkey, for £50k is not what we want to hear when we are confined to Alcatraz….. and it’s raining outside. 

Then, as if to rub salt into the wound, the lucky couple rock up at their ‘local’ restaurant, enjoy a three-course dinner with a couple of bottles of wine, washed down with local brandy, for 20 euros. To try and replicate the experience over here would involve a month’s furlough pay.

One series that will have no problem finding willing participants, post lockdown will be DIY SOS. Millions of people have been locked away in their properties for months, and with so little on the television have resorted to DIY. Nick Knowles and his crew will have enough material to keep them going for the next twenty years putting right disastrous Covid projects. Inevitably there will be countless houses Going Under the Hammer, after a rash of botched Grand Designs.

My better half and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in a few weeks time (yes, I am that old). The plan was a couple of weeks under the Mediterranean sun, with fine food, cheap wine and a spot of unashamed pampering. It’s now been moved on a year, courtesy of Covid, and will coincide with our 41st. 

As for this year we will have to hanker down, buy in some special treats, break out the SAD lamp and enjoy another opportunity to share David and his good lady’s sunshine lifestyle on the box. I hope the Donkey bites him.