Working from Home: Random blog 2

By Simon Richardson (Editor)

Business365 editor, Simon Richardson – like so many other people on the Island – is working from home. He’s been keeping a daily blog about the experience and reflecting on the strange times we find ourselves in as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Working from home has it seems had medical consequences. My trousers, the two sides of which once met comfortably in the middle, no longer do so. There’s a chasm between the button and the buttonhole the likes of which Evil Knievel would have relished in his day.

I can’t understand why. I’m sat in a chair, as I would be at the office, doing the same things day in day out. I start early, have a break mid-morning with a slab of homemade chocolate cake, then resume working until lunchtime. Mmmm… Do you think it might be the cake? 

I had wondered if it might be down to wearing shorts in the house. Maybe the material in my trousers had shrunk from extended periods lying in a warm cupboard?

Either way the chasm must be breached; I’m not ready for elasticated pants. I’m determined to get back into my 30inch waisted trousers (32 anyway) and slip into my wedding suit – now nearly 40 years old. Not from excess vanity, but because I’m too tight to buy a new one.

It seems I’m not alone. Around 65 per cent of people who have switched from office mode to working from home have put on a few pounds. You see many of them pounding the streets in the dead of night clad in brightly coloured lycra, trying to shrink the bits that have ballooned. 

My lunch yesterday was Smoked Mackerel pate on Ryvita. I’m not allowed potatoes, pasta, bread or wine. The joy of life is ebbing away. There’s a devil on one shoulder saying –‘go on, a couple of glasses of vino won’t make any difference. On the other side a self-righteous angel asks – ‘Do you really want to look like an American?’

Last night the Devil scored a partial victory; I broke my diet vows after a full two days of religious adherence.

Other changes brought about by the current crisis, and no particular requirement for sartorial elegance, include a white beard and rapidly growing hair. If I mimed a few verses of ‘Coward of the County’ on You Tube people would genuinely believe Kenny Rogers had risen from the dead.

Now that hairdressers are slowly getting back into action I fear for the DoI workers. Drains around the Island will be blocked solid by huge icebergs of human hair as the lockdown locks of thousands of people are lopped off.

The good news though is that in business terms things are slowly getting back to a degree of normality. For our magazine we have seen a steady and welcome upturn in sales traffic to Business365, as companies resume their vital marketing programmes. 

In truth we have been heartened by the loyal support of our advertisers who have stuck with us throughout the crisis; we must be doing something right. It’s a similar story for our Mannin Group Print division, which has continued operating throughout the Covid 19 crisis. Part of their work has been ensuring Nobles Hospital is supplied with the many forms, documents and printed items they require on a daily basis.

Hundreds of great Manx companies of all sizes have faced challenges the likes of which they had never encountered before, and hopefully won’t have to again. A significant number have had to drastically change their operational model simply to survive. 

The buy local mantra has never been more important and we must all continue to support the businesses that have gone out of their way to keep us supplied with the essentials throughout the pandemic. 

Anyway, that’s enough for now, I’m off to find a stick of celery….


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