Blog: Day 5

It’s not strictly true to say I’m working from home today, – it’s Sunday after all. That said there are many people, particularly those in the Health Service, for which each day merges into another and weekends are very much on the backburner for the time being.
I think the first thing I’ve learned during my partial house arrest has been the need to maintain some kind of routine – even at the weekend. It would be easy to lie around in bed for half the day, not bother shaving and aimlessly drift from one thing to another.
Today, I am running a bit late due to the hour going forward and just the hint of a fuzzy head after a pleasant Saturday night get together with good friends, and copious amounts of wine.
I can almost hear the wave of fury erupt at the thought that I’ve ignored all advice on self-isolation and recklessly mingled with friends. Fear not – the friends all joined us online via a new fangled app called ‘House party’. By signing up to the free app friends from around the country, or the world, can communicate visually and verbally with everybody visible on a split screen. It’s a bit weird at first, and with all of us being people of a certain age, there were a few early technical hitches. But, once they were ironed out, we were able to share a few glasses of vino and have a good old chat!
It’s worth thinking about if you feel you are going a bit stir crazy within your own four walls. Our online chat involved eight people, six of them in different parts of the UK, and us here. We enjoyed it so much we have decided to meet up again on Wednesday evening.
Like a lot of people we have been filling our weekend with plenty of jobs around the house. I reckon the whole nation is undergoing something of a DIY revolution. The problem is that us, and many others I’m sure, are running out of materials do do things with!
I think my culinary skills should be on par with Raymond Blanc’s by the end of the Coronavirus crisis. It seems that every other programme on the box is a cookery show repeat. It’s a good job I like everything to do with food. But therein lies another small problem; I’m failing miserably on the exercise front. The number of trousers I can wear is reducing daily; there’s only so far you can move a button. So, my next challenge is to get off my backside and do a bit more exercise, while we are allowed to do so. I’m fortunate to have the empty spaces of Glen Roy on my doorstep.
So, as it’s Sunday, I’m going to call it a day on the blog and step out into the garden for a bit of fresh air, and by ‘eck it is fresh out there today! Before I go don’t forget about to organise your ‘House Party’ online, and raise a glass to friendship!


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