UK outside the top ten best countries for education

New research from reveals the countries with best (& worst) education systems in the world to enhance career prospects. 

The study analysed countries around the globe on factors such as academic performance, government funding, and enrollment rates to reveal the world’s best countries for education and career prospects. 

You can view the full study here: 

Top 10 Best Countries For Education 

RankCountryPrimary School Enrollment (net %)Secondary School Enrollment (net %)Primary Children Out of School (%)Lower Secondary Out of School (%)Government Expenditure on Education (% of GDP)Population age 15+ with Tertiary Schooling (%)Average QS World University Rankings ScoreMean PISAReadingScoreMean PISA MathsScoreMean PISA Science Score Education Score /10

The UK just misses out on a spot in the top 10 ranking in 11th place with a score of 7.80, just 0.01 behind Finland. The UK has a 99% primary school enrolment rate and a 97% secondary school enrolment rate. The UK also sees education facilities receive 5.2% of Government expenditure. 

Singapore ranks as the best nation for education, with an overall score of 9.10 out of 10. Singapore has a near-perfect record when it comes to school enrollment and the number of children out of school. Singapore also has the highest level of people educated to tertiary (university) level, at 29.7%.

Ranking in second place is Iceland, scoring highly both for enrollment (99% at primary level and 91% for secondary) and government spending on education (7.6%). Education in Iceland is compulsory for those between 6 and 16, with homeschooling not allowed.

Taking third place for education is Canada, with an impressive record of nearly 100% enrollment in both primary and secondary school, meaning there are almost 0% of children out of education at both levels too. 

The study also revealed the top 5 countries with the worst education systems: 

RankCountryEducation Score /10
3Dominican Republic4.04

Jordan ranks as the country with the ‘worst’ education system. The country sees 20% of primary school children and 28% of secondary school adolescents out of school.