The Value of persistence

By Stuart Colligon, Executive Coach, Mentor and Managing Director at Auxesia

My experience has taught me many valuable lessons in business, but learning the true value of persistence has to be one of the most important. 

Determination, tenacity and persistence are virtues that most successful entrepreneurs have. In fact, that all successful people have. Whether it’s business, sport, music, acting, or any other area of expertise, there are few people who get there without some form of struggle. 

A great example of a success story achieved through sheer persistence is McDonald’s supremo, the late Ray Kroc, who famously said: “I was an overnight success all right, but 30 years is a long, long night.” 

There’s no denying that Ray had a good deal of perseverance. In fact, did you know he was 54 when he stumbled across the McDonald brothers’ hamburger joint…as a milkshake machine salesman? Most people would think it’s too late to make it at 54 – as in, really make it. But that thought, no doubt, never crossed Ray’s mind. He died 30 years later having created one of the most successful global businesses of our time. 

If you read the biographies of successful people, you’ll find there is a common thread of achievement prevailing against a backdrop of adversity. The key is, they never gave up. After every setback, challenge, failure…they picked themselves up and went again, again and again. 

Often, people give in when success is literally just around the corner. If only they had continued to persist that little bit longer. 

In many respects, having the right mindset is key. If you see failure as damaging rather than something to learn from, then every time you do fail (and it will happen), then this will automatically put you on the back foot and create negative feelings.  Those of you who are familiar with Dweck’s theories will see here the practical impact of the Growth versus Fixed Mindset.  Developing a growth mindset is the only way to optimise yourself and maximise your performance.

The great man Nelson Mandela got it right. He said: “I never lose. I win or I learn.” That’s the perfect, positive mindset to have. That way, even with a setback you learn, thrive and prosper. 

So, if you do experience obstacles along the way, just remember that as long as you keep going, you have the ability to turn things around. It is never easy, but persistence is key. Always has been. Always will be.

Auxesia’s Executive Coach & Business Mentor Stuart Colligon has more than 25 years’ business experience. He works with clients to provide a catalyst for positive and lasting change, helping them to move forward in their professional career and empowering them to get the business results they crave. To find out more about Auxesia and how it could help you or your business to thrive, visit:  


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