Succeeding in these challenging times will depend ongetting along well with colleagues

NEW BOOK: ‘Making Relationships Work at Work’ provides a practical, proven toolkit for getting more done with less stress


  • It comprehensively covers the all the main components of building and maintaining effective relationships at work. 
  • It combines widely accepted theories with proven real-life examples, tips and tools.
  • Its topics have been tried and tested and taught on several continents and so are applicable across national and professional cultures.
  • It gives practical, straightforward exercises which can be done alone or in a team workshop.
  • It provides support for a wide spectrum of people at different stages in their working lives – from new graduates, newly promoted line managers to very experienced managing directors.
  • The book’s usefulness is enhanced further in that it links topics that are usually treated as stand-alone subjects e.g. rapport – feedback, personality types – delegation.

Whether in a bustling office or as part of a virtual team, we all spend a lot of time at work – often more time with colleagues than with partners and families – so it’s important to feel that the work environment is a positive, happy place to be. Poor working relationships can affect the individual’s productivity, their general wellbeing, and even impact on their mental health.

People who get on well are much more likely to work well together and be willing to collaborate effectively on the challenging issues that lie ahead. On the other hand, when staff don’t connect well, are not engaged, or feel unsupported at work, their performance suffers, staff morale drops and staff turnover increases.

In a technology driven world, the importance of positive human interaction is also increasingly recognised, so paying attention to building good relationships at work should be a priority for everyone.

Common-sense reasons for getting relationships right

No matter how challenging the work environment may be, when people feel appreciated and valued and connected with their team and their organisation, they find their work more fulfilling and enjoyable, and there is less anxiety and stress.

Making Relationships Work at Workprovides practical solutions to interpersonal challenges that get in the way of a team’s success. It offers practical strategies and tools to help build and maintain great working relationships, manage challenging ones – and stay confident and resilient in today’s high-pressured and rapidly-changing work environment.

The author, Richard Fox, is an experienced leadership coach, career coach and facilitator and a Master NLP Practitioner. He has spent the past 27 years as a partner in a pan-European firm specialising in developing people and has a deep knowledge of business and management as well as expertise in interpersonal skills, building alliances and team and organisational leadership.

Making Relationships Work at Work provides practical support for anyone who wants to make their working week more enjoyable, productive and fulfilling, by learning how to build great relationships, make the most of their skills, experience and personal qualities, and enhance their team’s performance.

The book also provides insights into preferred ways of being and working – and why you find working with some colleagues effortless while others drain your energy.

The book follows a logical progression from foundational topics such as mindsets and personality types to subjects like virtual teams, conflict and cultural diversity. It can also be dipped into to read specific chapters as you need them. Each chapter provides opportunities to pause for reflection and ends with ways in which you can apply the knowledge to your workplace. 

It provides support for a wide range of people at different stages in their working lives from new graduates to experienced managing directors and is particularly relevant for:

  • members of a department or team who are committed to getting things done and creating harmonious and effective relationships at work
  • HR or Learning and Development professionals, mentors, or coaches, who are looking for a resource handbook to give to workshop participants
  • Experienced and capable professionals stepping up to their first or a more senior management/ leadership position

As well as:

  • Existing directors or managers keen to improve their interpersonal skills and enhance those of their team

Self-employed professionals, working with key associates, and who want to know more about building good relationships and working collaboratively with business colleagues and clients

Making Relationships Work at Work – a toolkit for getting more done with less stress by Richard Fox, published by Practical Publishing is out June 30th, priced £15.99.