Statement Regarding FOI Response

The Department for Enterprise can confirm that the recent FOI request into financial assistance provided to politicians as a result of COVID-19 has been withdrawn due to an outstanding query and an amended version will be published. 

The Department responded to the FOI requests regarding any MHKs who held a directorship or shareholder position in companies that received COVID support payments during the pandemic.

Minister Edge was listed as holding a business interest in a related business and her information was published as part of the FOI response.  Minister Edge has now made it clear that she no longer had this business interest by the time the COVID-19 financial assistance claim was submitted and therefore her information has been removed from the response.

The Department apologises to Minister Edge and is working with her and the Information Commissioner in relation to this query.  Government is committed to transparency on this matter.

The Department for Enterprise and Treasury have already announced their intention to publish full details of any businesses who have received support from a range of COVID Support Schemes and this information will be published at the end of April.