Small steps create giant leap for biodiversity

Thousands sign up to Earthwatch’s new Naturehood platform 

Over 12,000 households around the UK have signed up to Earthwatch’s new Naturehood online platform, launched last month and designed to facilitate collaborative, local action to help nature.

Based on the premise that the creation of small, concentrated areas of wildlife friendly space is more effective than disparate, large scale activity, Naturehood encourages and rewards local people to join forces and take small steps together to support local wildlife.

Following pilot schemes last year, the Naturehood platform has seen participation across 38 different counties since its national rollout last month, and the number of people signing up to support local action is growing daily.Ben Williams, Earthwatch Project Manager for Naturehood explains why he thinks it has been such a success:

“We’ve designed Naturehood around empowering people who want to help, welcoming even the smallest step and building on it. Because it’s about connecting people, safely of course, with each other and with nature, it seems to have met a deep-felt need to strengthen the connections that many people made during lockdown.”

Citizen science is a popular trend and is a central part of Naturehood, with participants submitting surveys of the wildlife they find in their gardens and local green spaces. Individual actions are logged on the Naturehood platform, which facilitates conversations between participants and provides guidance on activities for community groups.

Ben explains that Earthwatch is especially keen to find people who want to become volunteer ambassadors for Naturehood and lead community action where they live:

“Community leaders are encouraged and supported to learn a range of skills including guidance on mobilising people in their neighbourhoods, setting up a community group, reaching out to local businesses and public bodies and establishing local partnerships, and planning and delivering community events..

“Being able to learn new skills and be supported to do something amazing for nature where you live has proved a real hit. Although we’re keen to hear from people who would like to take on a leadership role in their community for Naturehood, I’d encourage anyone to sign up, see where it takes them, and what they can do for nature on their doorstep.”

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