Royal Television Society to host online event discussing the Manx Government’s Covid media briefings

March 19th, 2020; the Isle of Man confirmed its first case of Coronavirus and by March 22nd a full lockdown was in progress.

In May 2020 the Royal Television Society (RTS Isle of Man) hosted its first online event, examining how news from the Island was being reported and how media conferences were conducted under social distancing requirements.

In June 2020 the Isle of Man came out of lockdown and all restrictions were lifted. The Islanders continued with ‘life as normal’ for a heady period of seven months. But all that was to change, and just three days after administering their first Covid-19 vaccine the Island entered a new ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown in January 2021.

During the whole period, whether in or out of lockdown, the Isle of Man Government continued to deliver its regular press conferences digitally via its own online platforms as well as to the Islands various media outlets.  

Continuing to invite journalists to join the conferences digitally when there were no restrictions in place sparked much debate and discussion; is this really the future of news delivery?

Join RTS IoM on Wednesday 7th April at 7pm for an early evening event, where host James Davis will be joined by representatives of the Island’s media to discuss just what it’s like to report the news during a global pandemic and continue to do so in what appears to be our new digital-only world.

The discussion will be followed by a brief Q&A where questions will be welcomed. To register: