Racism row radio presenter suspended pending review

A Manx Radio presenter has been suspended after a number of allegations of racism were made in connection with comments made on the Stu Peters Late Show on Wednesday night.

The station has launched an investigation and Mr Peters has been suspended with immediate effect. George Ferguson will host the show in the interim.

A statement from the station said it was important to emphasise that as the Public Service broadcaster they do not condone racism, nor are the views of presenters always the views of Manx Radio.

Meanwhile Isle of Man Creamery has withdrawn its sponsorship of the Late Show as a result of the furore. A comment on the company’s Facebook page stated: “As the sponsors of the Manx Radio Late Show, today we have been made aware of some comments made by the presenter last night regarding the Black Lives Matter protests and racism.

For those people who heard the show, we wanted to publicly address what was said and make it clear that we in no way condone the comments that were made or support the presenters view in any way.

As a result of what was said we have decided to pull our sponsorship of that programme from this evening.

Thank you to the people who have spoken up and brought this to our attention.”

Manx Radio has forwarded the audio from the show onto the Communications Commission to be reviewed.