New core broadband network completed and online

Gary Lamb

Manx Telecom says its programme of work to replace the core broadband network for the Isle of Man. The network is now live and fully operational.

Launched in September, the project is part of a continuous programme of investment in telecoms infrastructure in the Isle of Man. Leveraging fibre technology, the new broadband network provides a significant upgrade in capacity and enhanced resilience.

Manx Telecom CEO Gary Lamb told B365: “I’d like to thank all the teams who have worked so hard to install and deploy the new network. We were focussed on reducing as much as possible any inconvenience to our customers and so they were migrated across to the network in stages. Most work took place between midnight and 6am to minimise any possible disruption.

“The new network gives us upgraded capacity and enhanced resilience at a time when, as the past 18 months have demonstrated, both personal and business consumers rely on broadband and unfettered access to the internet more than ever. Combined with our ongoing investment in the fibre broadband rollout, the new network puts the Island in a strong position to capitalise on the opportunities and benefits of fast and reliable connectivity. This is not only good for residents but for the Island’s reputation internationally.”