Minister hails potential benefits of new Talent Portal

By Simon Richardson

Enterprise Minister, Laurence Skelly says he hopes the establishment of the new online Talent Portal, to support the recruitment of skilled workers, will play a significant role in reducing the skills gap in a number of key sectors.

The portal is designed to match talented individuals from around the world with employment opportunities that exist in the Isle of Man. Minister Skelly believes the Island’s raised profile during the Coronavirus pandemic has boosted interest in what it has to offer – both in terms of job prospects and quality of life: “The Isle of Man has received a lot of positive media interest. Our continuously growing economy and our success to date in negotiating the Covid19 pandemic has raised our profile. We have a very varied economy and some skills we will always have to import. The hope is that the Talent Portal will make it easier. Anecdotal interest so far has been very positive.”

Mr Skelly said that despite the Island’s success so far in preventing a second wave of Covid 19, there was no room for complacency: “Our position is fragile and we are never far from another outbreak. We can’t afford to be over-confident in respect of the immediate future but we can be encouraged at the way many of our key sectors have quickly evolved different ways of working. People have adapted very quickly and businesses in key sectors that represent 60 per cent in GDP terms have continued to work successfully throughout the pandemic.”

The Talent Portal, which is free to use for organisations, recruitment agencies and individual workers, seeks to support businesses who are looking to recruit and relocate potential employees. It has been developed in response to industry feedback highlighting that certain roles – particularly those within the digital sector, healthcare and qualified finance specialisms – remain difficult to recruit in the Isle of Man.

 Individuals who are interested in finding employment here can populate their profile with skills which will be used to match them automatically with potential job opportunities.

Minister Skelly says it is hoped to attract newcomers to the Island, but also encourage Manx people living and working eslewhere to consider returning to their homeland to pursue their careers.