Liberal Vannin’s new chairman outlines party’s policy priorities

The new chairman of the Liberal Vannin party, Paul Weatherall has issued a public statement after taking over the role from, Michael Josem, on January 11th.

He paid tribute to Mr Josem’s period in office, during which his predecessor had successful kept the party to the fore.

Mr Weatherall is a former Liberal Party Parliamentary candidate for Harborough in Leicestershire and has been active in politics since his mid-twenties.

He has vowed to work closely with the party’s leader, Ramsey MHK, Lawrie Hooper, as they plan their campaign for the coming Tynwald General Election in September and select new candidates to join him: “Together, we will maintain our tradition of commitment and consistency in calling for greater openness and transparency in the way our government makes decisions and awards contracts,” said Mr Weatherall.

He added: “Over the coming months we will be agreeing policy statements on the many issues facing the Island, in preparation for our election manifesto, including:

  • How we strengthen our finances after the Covid 19 battering;
  • Supporting and developing our rural economy;
  • Ensuring that an all-Island housing policy includes incentives for homeowners to improve insulation and replace their fossil fuel heating systems;
  • Working with the tourist industry and holiday accommodation providers to re-vitalise what we offer to visitors in innovative but sustainable ways, with particular emphasis on eco-tourism
  • Supporting changes in legislation on social issues, such as assisted dying and the personal use of cannabis.
  • Bringing forward to 2040, our government’s commitment to meeting it’s zero-carbon target

I invite all of you, who support our principles, to join us in developing these policies and selecting our candidates for Tynwald. We live in interesting times, and yes, you can make a difference to the way our Island is governed and make it a better, fairer place for all our residents.”