Let Treasury know if you need further MERA payments

Following the return to work of certain sectors from 6th and 12th April and the announcement that financial support will be extended for those who can’t yet return to work, Treasury is asking customers currently receiving MERA payments to let them know if they’re not able to return to work yet so that they can be paid MERA for an extended period. 

Minister for the Treasury Alfred Cannan MHK said: ‘The Manx Earnings Replacement Allowance (‘MERA’), which provides an income of £230 per week to both employed and self-employed individuals who are made redundant, laid off or put on nil pay by their employer, or prevented from carrying out their work due to restrictions, has been extended by 2 weeks to Sunday 25th April, to provide a sufficient period of financial cover whilst some restrictions remain in place.’ 

He continued:’Anyone receiving MERA who didn’t return to work on Tuesday 6th April, and hasn’t been in touch with Social Security already, should let Social Security know as soon as possible so that any further payment of MERA due to them can be processed. Customers are asked to confirm their expected return to work date by completing the secure online form a link to which is provided at the top of the MERA webpage  –https://www.gov.im/categories/benefits-and-financial-support/manx-earnings-replacement-allowance – before Friday 16th April.’ 

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