Last calll for public to attend online Ramsey development Q&A

Sulby Riverside ‘meet the designers’ session this evening at 6:30pm

Ramsey residents have an opportunity to quiz the design team behind the £40m Sulby Riverside proposals this evening.

The on-line event, accessed via the development’s web site, will allow people to gain a more detailed understanding of the design and environmental principles guiding the development on Poyll Dooey Road, say organisers.

Dozens of residents have already responded to the opportunity to leave feedback about the proposals and project architect Richard Coutts says this evening’s event ‘will allow a more detailed and nuanced appreciation’ of the proposals.

“There’s clearly an appetite among local people and businesses to understand the development more fully and I’m looking forward to meeting as many of them as possible later,” he said.

If granted permission, the Sulby Riverside development will boost the western entrance to Ramsey town centre by providing new retail opportunities, workspaces, 207 homes, three public parks and a riverside gastro-pub with function rooms.

“It’s a transformational scheme that will allow the town to grow within its own boundaries, but some people have concerns about traffic and about how we can mitigate environmental impacts.  This evening’s event is an opportunity for them to see just how much detailed work has gone into these and other aspects of our proposals,” added Mr Coutts.

He says that all the homes are designed to use the latest in energy-efficient methods and that the landscape proposals include ‘considerable investment’ in enhancing the site’s bio-diversity.  A new spine road will provide much-needed connectivity between the town centre and settlements to the west, on Gardener’s Lane.

The proposals, worth £40m when developed, will help to sustain employment in the local building supply chain and generate hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in new rateable income available to invest in public services. Local retailers and tradesmen will benefit from the additional spending that new developments typically generate as new home-owners ‘make their house a home’. Research suggests this averages approximately £5,000 per household.

“The architecture is high quality, personable and friendly. Collectively, the design proposals breathe life into a forgotten corner of Ramsey by creating a place where people will enjoy living and working,” said Mr Coutts at last week’s unveiling of the proposals.

The public can access the Q&A session via the scheme web site at