Landmark day on Monday as social distancing comes to an end in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is to remove the requirement for social distancing in all but medical environments. The move, which comes into force at the beginning of next week, signals the biggest step yet towards a return to normality.

Shops, pubs and Cafes can all open as normal from Monday, and a further announcement affecting entertaining in your own home, will be made in the near future.

The Isle of Man has joined Guernsey and New Zealand in effectively announcing itsef as Covid free, something Chief Minister, Howard Quayle said its people should be proud of.

Gyms can also re-open, though strenuous aerobic workouts cannot take place at this stage.

Despite the massive easing of restrictions, the Isle of Man’s borders will remain closed while infections rates remain high in the UK and elsewhere.

There were no new cases to report today, the 22nd day in a row without a confirmed case of the virus.