KPMG Isle of Man launches relocation podcasts

In response to an increased number of off-island enquiries and following the launch of their online relocation hub, KPMG in the Isle of Man has launched a series of podcasts, looking at some of the key matters to consider when looking to relocate to the Isle of Man. 

 Released weekly, the seven-part series will explore the many benefits of relocating to the Isle of Man, while considering the tax implications when looking to make the move. Podcast topics will include the benefits of relocating, tax on the Isle of Man, commencing residency, ceasing UK residence and relocating a business, along with case studies from people/businesses telling their real-life stories of relocating to the island.  

 Simon Nicholas, Partner at KPMG in the Isle of Man, told B365: “Off-island interest in the Isle of Man remains high and since we launched our online relocation hub a month ago, the page is already our third most visited page on our website, only preceded by other Isle of Man related webpages. By looking at the top content on our website, combined with the actual enquiries we’re receiving through our network, we’ve used this insight to develop the podcasts”. 

 He continued, “Produced as five-minute, bite-size recordings, the series will provide guidance for anyone considering relocating to the Isle of Man”.   

 Nick Preskey, who represented Locate Isle of Man on one of the podcasts, commented: “We were pleased to work together with KPMG to support them with their recent podcast series and provide an overview of our work on facilitating relocations to the Isle of Man. In recent months, Locate Isle of Man has seen a large increase in interest from people looking for a safe and rewarding home, and much of this is driven by coronavirus considerations, so it was a timely opportunity to reach a global audience and tell them a little more about our live-work offering. We look forward to working with KPMG in the future”. 

Justine Howard, Senior Tax Manager at KPMG, who took part in a number of the podcasts said: “We felt these podcasts would appeal to those looking for a convenient and time-efficient way in which to find out more about relocating to the Isle of Man. The podcasts also allow the listener to pick and choose which podcasts might be most relevant to his or her personal situation creating a bespoke experience. Of course, if further tax technical advice is required after listening to these recordings, the tax team at KPMG are always happy to help and provide guidance on these matters”.