Isle Listen ‘Sea Dip For Your Sanity’ event

Isle Listen and Thomas Miller have today announced, as part of Isle Listen’s Care, Create or Challenge Stop the Stigma! campaign launched to mark World Mental Health Day earlier this month, their SEA DIP FOR YOUR SANITY event in Port Erin Bay at 8am on Saturday 23rd October 2021.

The event coincides with World Swim Day and Isle Listen are asking the Island community to join them in supporting each other’s mental health through the powers of sea dipping.

Whether you are a regular “dipper” or would like to try it for the first time, the event will be a great way to challenge yourself and have a positive impact on your mental health, and everyone of all abilities are welcome and will be well looked after by the event volunteers and fellow dippers.

With the generous support of Thomas Miller, all funds raised for the event and 100% of the event registration fee (£10 for adults and £5 for children) will remain on the Island and enable Isle Listen to continue its vital services in schools, the workplace and community.  

Ian Young, at Thomas Miller, told B365: “This wonderful event is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the benefits of utilising our fabulous local environment. Cold water immersion, sea swimming and associated activities have grown significantly in popularity recently, and an early morning or late evening visit to a local beach confirms their popularity.  Whilst providing physical benefits, studies show the real value are the multiple benefits to our mental wellbeing. All of these factors tie in with our Corporate and Social Responsibility framework ‘Be the Difference’ and Thomas Miller are very excited and honoured to support this event.’

There is much evidence that spending time in blue spaces has a very positive impact on our mental health, and immersion in cold water releases hormones in our body that aids sleep and can counteract the feelings of depression and anxiety.

For these reasons, the physical benefits of exercise, and simply the joy felt while doing the activity, many people have taken up sea dipping over the past 18 months with swimming pools being closed during the pandemic.

World Swim Day aims to increase participation in worldwide swimming and promote water safety and through this event Isle Listen aims to educate the participants as to how they can look after themselves, and others, as the winter approaches and both the sea and air temperatures drop.  

For more information or to sign up for the event, please go to Isle Listen’s website