HSBC Diversity Champion recognised in Role Models List

Christina Liciaga, HSBC’s Head of Customer and Products, Europe, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, has been named on INvolve’s Empower 100 Executives Role Model List.

The List, showcases leaders who are paving the way when it comes to increasing representation and driving inclusion for others within the workplace.

Christina has previously been recognized on the HERoes Ethnically Diverse Women Role Models List, the EMpower Top 10 UK Black Role Models List, and the EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model List, all of which highlight outstanding leaders breaking down barriers in the workplace.

This latest success reflects the considerable work Christina does both inside and outside of HSBC to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. For instance as an active member of EMBRACE (HSBC’s employee network focusing on ethnicity and race), an appointee to HSBC’s Global Ethnicity Steering Committee, and a co-founder of HSBC’s Black Action & Advisory Council (BLAAC).

Emma Bunnell, CEO, HSBC, Channel Island and Isle of Man, said: “Christina’s regular recognition on Lists of this kind highlights the extent of her commitment to empowering those around her and enacting positive change.

”Supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is vital to ensure that we are creating a welcoming and safe environment where all of our people can grow and achieve their potential.”

Christina added: “There is so much to be gained from making sure that everyone’s voice is heard and that there is diverse representation at all levels of the industry and the workplace. I’m delighted to have been named on this List and to be able to contribute to progress in this area.”

Founder & CEO of INvolve, Suki Sandhu OBE, commented: “It’s vital that people of colour within our global businesses can succeed and achieve authentically, and these Role 

Models are essential drivers of change and are smashing barriers to progress to create organisations where people of colour can thrive.”