House arrest blog: Day 13

By Simon Richardson (Editor)

One small step for Sam……

Well, nearly there. At lunchtime tomorrow, Saturday, we emerge from our enforced hibernation and re-enter the normal life (whatever that means).

Hand on heart our two weeks quarantine hasn’t been at all bad and has gone quite quickly. Both of us have been genuinely touched by the huge generosity and kindness of neighbours, friends and family, who have rallied round with provisions and various bits and bobs.

We thought we had prepared everything we might need, but if there’s anything to learn from this, it’s that there’s no such thing as perfect planning.

It’s ironic that after a few days of glorious Autumn sunshine our release coincides with the arrival of Storm Alex. Apparently we should blame the French for this one. 

The end of our quarantine, which followed our trip to the UK, dovetails almost perfectly with the beginning of President Trump’s after testing positive for the virus. So, what advice can I give him to fill in the time? If he’s feeling up to it, he could have a few cans of paint dropped off and give the Oval office a quick lick. He should make sure the Whitehouse wine Cellar is well-stocked – oh, and he should definitely check there’s enough kitchen roll to last two weeks. We ran out quite quickly and soon realised how many things we use it for.

I would also ask his people to keep the batteries on Air Force One and his fleet of bullet proof limousines topped up. I reckon the ones in our cars will be flat as a pancake tomorrow. 

I’m getting my hair cut next week. It was a bit long before I entered quarantine, and after a further two weeks I’m giving Brian May a run for his money. I was starting to warm to the ageing rock star look until I went out in the wind. In a single gust I’d switched from rock icon to Emmett Lathrop Brown. (The crazy inventor guy in Back to the Future). 

We have both been quite busy for the past fortnight, which has helped the days fly by. Even though I work in the media, and work from home full time, being in quarantine felt different. All the mad stuff has been continuing in the outside world but, somehow, we have felt cocooned. I’ve quite liked it.

Tomorrow lunchtime – as Storm Alex builds to a crescendo – we will step outside the borders of our little cottage. There will be no bright lights, fireworks or booming music. We will jump into the car, and after bump starting it down the road, head for the supermarket and various other equally exciting places. Then it’s back home to fill the cupboards and settle down for the evening – pretty much as we have done for the past fortnight.

Seriously though, thanks to everybody who has helped us over the past two weeks. From deliveries of milk to tins of paint you have all been fantastic. Community spirit and true friendship is alive and well in the Isle of Man.