Growing public dissatisfaction over the state of the Island’s road network

Manx motorists are unhappy with the state of the Island’s roads. The government’s third Highway Satisfaction survey found that only 28 per cent were satisfied – a fall of six per cent on last year’s figure.

It was a better story in respect of local bus services, which received a thumbs up from around 75 per cent of those surveyed. In contrast however, satisfaction with Public Transport information dipped 11 per cent over the year to stand at 53 per cent.

In most other categories surveyed satisfaction ratings exceeded 50 per cent. They included -pavements, cycle routes/lanes, local bus services, local taxi (or mini cab) services, community transport, safety on roads, Traffic congestion, levels of traffic pollution, street lighting, the condition of roads and the local rights of way network.

The survey also found strong opposition to any moves to charge road users to drive in specific ‘local’ areas, and concern over a lack of information about air quality alongside local highways.

The general perception was that the number of potholes and damaged roads had increased in the past year.