Grenaby water main replacement

Manx Utilities is progressing with the replacement of approximately 10km of water main from Ballakew, St Marks to Ballaglonney, Grenaby as part of its investment strategy to upgrade water mains on the Island; and helping to preserve water supplies by eliminating leaks and bursts on its network.

Work will commence on 19 April for 26 weeks on the £3.4M critical infrastructure project.  The new main is one of the longest water main installations to be installed in over 20 years, and will ultimately supply water to thousands of properties in the South of the Island including; Grenaby, Ronague, Ballabeg, Colby, Ballasalla. 

The project also involves a new main installation on the Phildraw Road to Ballamodha to improve supplies in the area and higher Foxdale.  Chairman Rob Callister said, “It is important to continue to replace aging critical infrastructure and I would like to thank landowners for their help and cooperation in enabling this project to proceed, in addition to local Contractors PCS Ltd and Silva Consulting. 

This is the longest installation of its kind completed in many years and will improve the reliability of supplies in areas that have suffered from service interruption due to frequent bursts on ageing water mains.”The project is programmed to be completed in early October 2022. 

It will involve a number of excavations on public roads, with traffic management being utilised wherever possible to reduce the need for road closures.The new water trunk main will be plastic pipe (High Performance Polyethylene, HPPE) and will connect to local distribution mains and service pipes.   

The mains will transfer water from Braaid and Chibbanagh Service Reservoirs to Grenaby and Colby and provide a secondary supply to Ronague and Corlea.Approximately 4,200 properties will benefit from this project.The existing mains are subject to frequent burst issues with supplies often being unavailable for a prolonged period of time for customers because following a burst, the service reservoirs (network storage tanks) can become depleted. 

With less frequent bursts, we will help to preserve our precious water stocks. Contractors will undertake excavation across several public roads: · Ballacorris (Ballagick) Road, St Marks· A26 St Marks Road (south of St Marks Village)· B29 Ballacharry Road, St Marks· A34 Phildraw Road· A3 Ballamodha· Moaney Moar Road· B41 Grenaby Road (at Grenaby Farm)

 Steel trench sheets will be used to cover open trench excavation to allow the passage of cars and small vehicles over any excavated trench.  We may use traffic lights where possible to reduce road closures and disruption to road users.Contractors will undertake excavation across two rivers: “Awin Ruy” (St Marks) – mains will be laid under the river“Awin Ny Reash” (Grenaby) – mains will be supported by a pipe bridge