Governance professionals seek to cement the island’s reputation as a premier offshore financial jurisdiction

ICSA (The Chartered Governance Institute) has announced details of the newly elected branch council for its Isle of Man branch, which supports members and students of the Institute living and working on the island. The branch plays a crucial role in promoting good governance on the Isle of Man, something which enhances the island’s reputation as a good place to business. 

 The new branch council, which was elected by the island’s membership on 4th November 2020, includes –

  • President – Chris Bolt
  • Vice-President/General Member – Terence McDonald
  • Secretary – Julia Featherstone
  • Treasurer – Francesca Epifani
  • General Members – Juan Moore; Julie Ronan
  • Student Representatives – Courtney Paradise; Anna Lowey.

The branch has also formed a Student Committee comprising Terence McDonald, Courtney Paradise and Anna Lowey, which is responsible for maintaining an open line of communication with students. Terence, Courtney and Anna are on hand to assist with any queries and are in place to provide guidance to new and existing students as and when required.

Anna Lowey is also the branch’s Diversity Champion with a remit to ensure the Isle of Man branch is actively tackling diversity in the Isle of Man, whether that be through relevant CPD events, social media posts and becoming involved in local events.

Chris Bold

Chris Bolt, who has been elected to serve a second term as President, comments on his plans for the forthcoming year, told B365:“I’m honoured to have been re-elected to serve a second term as President of the Branch and look forward to continuing to work with the Council to promote both governance and the Institute on the Isle of Man. Good governance is vital to ensure the Isle of Man retains its reputation as one of the premier offshore financial jurisdictions where clients can be sure they are dealing with well-regulated firms staffed by highly trained individuals.”