Elite Group unveils Wi-Manx rebrand

Wi-Manx, the IT and unified communications company has been re-branded as Elite Group IM. The announcement came from Elite CEO Rob Sims.

Operating in the Isle of Man under the brand of Wi-Manx for the past six years, the company offers innovative solutions, expert support and a cloud-first strategy to businesses looking to flourish through technology.

Rob Sims told B365: “We’ve been operating in the Isle of Man under the brand of Wi-Manx for the past six years. We’ve now taken the approach to bring that part of the business into the wider group structure, with a change of brand and change of positioning to Elite Group IM.”

He continued: “The rebrand isn’t just a logo and aesthetic change; whilst there is a new look, the basis for the change is all about providing businesses with even better products and solutions. There will be a much wider access to greater technologies, more staff, greater resources and support. Elite Group can now offer a new range of products & solutions to new and existing business customers, enabling them to further develop their own businesses by taking advantage of the very best technology.

‘This new approach in offering means that our customers can continue to operate under the very high levels of service that we’ve become famous for on the island Isle of Man, coupled with a wider product offering and a greater solution set. It enables them to use technology to help them drive their business forward, in a secure, productive and profitable way.’

Elite is promoting a ‘Cloud First’ strategy to ensure businesses are as future proofed as possible. Cloud first means that a cloud-based technology solution is considered above all others. When clients opt to host their data in the Cloud, they no longer have to manage physical servers or storage devices – it’s all done off-site.

Rob added: “We genuinely believe that work truly is what you do, not where you go, and that’s at the heart of our product development and our strategy. We’re building solutions that are bespoke to a customer’s requirements. They are designed to give them a path for future development. This is much more prevalent these days, in which remote working is at the forefront of everybody’s mind.”

Whilst the rebrand to Elite Group is designed to benefit Island Businesses the Wi-Manx brand will remain for residential customers, who will continue to get the same selection of cost effective, unlimited broadband and PlusTalk home phone services.



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