Eden Business Park gears up for next phase

Eden Business Park gears up for next phase

Eden Business Park has submitted a planning application to expand its development at Cooil Road. Combining the requirements of business alongside the needs of the environment is at the heart of the vision for the site.

This has been enabled through the zoning of the land in the Area Plan for the East (site BE002(a)g) to meet the Island’s needs and provide a platform to support growth. 

The first phases of Eden Business Park incorporated uniquely designed light industrial units and the landmark Jacksons car dealership development. This phase created opportunities for 20 businesses and over 100 jobs.

As part of the preparation of the planning application, Eden Business Park held a public consultation in October 2021. Advertised Island-wide, the consultation attracted over 1,500 engagements through the consultation website and 30 attendees at the public event. The general reaction was positive in terms of both the importance of the economic need for the Island, and the extensive environmental work that was to be undertaken.

Now, with the planning application lodged, we are delighted to announce further details of this important new development.

As with the first phases, Eden Business Park’s innovative development makes it a highly desirable location for both existing Manx companies and new businesses to the Isle of Man, a critical part of the Government’s economic strategy.

With its market leading designs and the potential for a variety of high quality employment uses, which can include general and light industrial, warehousing, R&D, medical and technology as well as corporate headquarters, the designated 22-acre site offers flexibility and huge opportunity, and is already attracting considerable interest. 

Eden Business Park will be landscaped to create a parkland environment, with cycle paths, walkways, and extensive planting. Stunning architecture will combine with sustainable building methods and specifications, including cycle storage and shower facilities to encourage active travel, electric car charging, new bus stops and pedestrian crossings.

With no government financial support, the Eden Business Park is 100% self-funded and the construction phase alone will generate in excess of a £60 million direct investment, which represents a total economic output of over £170 million. When complete, it is also expected to support around 1,000 jobs.

Working with Manx Wildlife Trust, the target is to deliver biodiversity net gains and incorporate extensive mitigation. These include enhancing an area of existing native orchids and ponds, 2 hectares of land to be used for a new microforest, 2.4 hectares of agricultural land to be re-wilded to species-rich grassland and pond areas, and lighting designed to limit impact on night-foraging bats.

As well as the new microforest, around 500m of new hedgerow and tree planting will form the site boundary.

The planting mixture and siting of key features like ponds and grassland areas are all designed to benefit wildlife, as well as ensuring it is a positive place to do business, for the businesses themselves and their employees.

For more details on the proposed Phase 2 Development visit: cooilroad.edenpark.im/phase2/