Douglas faith school changes admission policy

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School will welcome children of different faiths, or no faith, to enrol in the new school year after making changes to its admission policy. 

The school on Somerset Road in Douglas, is under the trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Liverpool and is maintained by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. 

The change is in line with the admission policy of the Archdiocese and means all applications will be considered equally from January 2021.  

Donna Martin, the school’s headteacher, said: ‘We recognise and celebrate the diversity of all children and want to provide a learning community that reflects our wider local, national and international communities whilst respecting our Catholic history and ethos.  

‘Providing such an inclusive environment helps children to grow up as tolerant, respectful individuals who recognise we all have a place of equal value within society.’   

The school has recently undergone a £4.5m refurbishment that included the addition of new classrooms, improved disability access, and the extension of the main hall. It means the school, which currently has 229 pupils, will be able to accept up to 350 in the future. 

From January parents who live within the schools’ catchment area will be able to apply to enrol their children as well as parents of Catholic children from any parish. 

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said: ‘I welcome the progressive changes to the admission criteria at St Mary’s. The recent refurbishment has expanded the facilities and learning opportunities for all the pupils who attend this fantastic school.’ 

Parents can bring their children for a look around at the revamped school at an open day on Sunday 22 November, between 2pm – 4pm. Any parents wishing to enrol their child can contact the school office on (01624) 673807.