Debt Counselling Service available through festive period

People who find themselves facing financial difficulty are reminded that they can access a free and confidential Debt Counselling Service in the Isle of Man. 

The upcoming festive season can be difficult, especially for those who are facing money problems. From residents who may be feeling the ongoing impact of the pandemic, increasing energy costs or trying to find money for presents, getting into debt can happen to anyone.  

The Debt Counselling Service, run by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), offers a free, discrete and confidential service with professionally-trained and experienced debt counsellors.  John Peet, Head of OFT told B365: “It’s important that mounting debt is not ignored, and anyone who is struggling should not be embarrassed, we’re here to help if we can. The service aims to help find a way to move forward from debt, whether that’s by assisting with budget planning, giving repayment plan advice tailored to individual circumstances or exploring other options.” 

The service does not provide direct financial help although it can steer people to funds which may be able to assist, while providing the self-help tools necessary to let people take control of their finances and hopefully find a way out of crisis.   People can contact the service by emailing, by calling (01624) 686500 or through the OFT website.

 Further guidance on budgeting is available in a free booklet entitled “Dealing with your debts” which is available online or by contacting the OFT, and offers guidance on budget planning to avoid debt. The Debt Counselling Service can also be accessed by businesses and organisations who want information or advice on how to support and work with customers or clients in difficulty.