Compilation of Isle of Man Government statistics under the spotlight

The way in which the Isle of Man Government collects and analyses data and statistics across a range of different areas is the subject a review document published today.

Compiled by the Economic Affairs division in the Cabinet Office, the Review of National Statistics examines how datasets are produced and whether they can be improved through changes in methodology, widening of data collection or other ways.

The review examines each of the statistics that Economic Affairs regularly produces:

  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • Housing Market
  • Population
  • Passenger Survey
  • National Income (GDP)
  • Earnings Survey
  • Social Attitudes Survey
  • Business Confidence Survey
  • Labour Market
  • Living Wage

In addition to establishing a summary of proposed changes, the review also looks at what other statistics could be provided to better understand the Island’s economy and community, and the options that may be investigated to obtain that information.

The census is not included in this review as a report is produced after each census with recommendations on improving the process prior to the next one taking place.

The report can be found at the Economic Affairs section of the Isle of Man Government website.