Chief Minister ‘surprised’ by Island plan debate rebuff

The Chief Minister has reacted to the revolt in Tynwald after eight Keys members voted against the suspension of standing orders to enable his Island Plan to be debated in the court. They supported the view of the Speaker of the House, Juan Watterson, that insufficient time had been given for them to assimilate the plan’s contents. 

The Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan MHK issued a statement after the Tynwald sitting: “It is surprising that eight members of the House of Keys have chosen not to support the suspension of standing orders to allow the Island Plan be debated in Tynwald today, but I accept the overriding message that they felt they did not have enough time to read the plan in the five days since publication.  

“Whilst the Speaker said the matter was not an emergency, Council of Ministers felt it was of sufficient importance to seek the suspension of standing orders to allow for debate in line with our commitments to Tynwald.   

“We will now bring the plan back to Tynwald as appropriate, but in the meantime we will get on with the work that this plan seeks to address. The public expects Government to deliver and I am keen that this administration gets on with tackling the critical issues of the day.”