Brits pile on 2.7 pounds in lockdown

UK residents stuck at home during the pandemic lockdown have put on a combined 62,261 tons – more than the weight of The Titanic.

A nationally representative survey of over 2,000 Britons by digital poll reveals that the average weight gain per UK resident is 2.7 pounds since lockdown began at the end of March.

That’s an annualised gain of over one stone per person.

The region with the greatest weight gain is Scotland, a mighty 3.8 pounds per person.

Find Out Now founder Chris Holbrook said: “People gaining a few pounds under lockdown probably isn’t problematic. Some have gained much more than that which has long term implications for their health and for the NHS.”

Other results from the survey show:

45% of Brits report gaining some weight

18% lost weight

37% reported no change

12% gained 1 stone or more.

40% of men gained weight, with 10% 1 stone or more

49% of women gained weight, with 14% 1 stone or more.

25-44 year olds gained the most:

Further analysis through Find Out Now’s extensive profile data suggests that the biggest weight losses come from those who visited the pub one or more times per week before lockdown. 6.5% of those who visited 4 times per week or more lost at least one stone.