Bouncing back after lockdown – tips on how to thrive in extraordinary times

 The Isle of Man Branch of The Chartered Governance Institute (ICSA)  has announced details of a webinar that is running on 24th February to helps its members and other interested parties learn more about how they can thrive in extraordinary times. 

Attendees will hear tips from Justin Tipper, a leading local management and leadership trainer, coach and therapist, who will explain how people can use the experience of COVID to build their pools of perseverance, calmness and self-reliance. 

“Many people have been knocked off balance by the pandemic, concerned about their health, their finances, and the welfare of family and friends. Isolation and uncertainty have seen everyone’s mental wellbeing challenged, so I will be sharing three ideas for not only regaining stability as the landscape continues shifting, but actually thriving, and taking advantage of the unique circumstances we are living through,” explained Justin. 

Describing why the theme of the webinar is so important, Chris Bolt, Chair of the Institute’s Isle of Man Branch, added: “It is almost a year now since the coronavirus pandemic hit our shores and people’s personal and professional lives been impacted in ways few would have thought possible a year ago. While the Isle of Man has escaped relatively unscathed compared to many other countries, people’s resilience has been tested nevertheless. Many of our members work in fast-paced and demanding roles and they, like many others on the island, have had to adapt quickly to the changing demands placed upon them. 

“We are all very aware of the strain that change can place on people’s mental health, particularly when people are forced into unnatural situations such as national lockdowns. It is important to be able to see a way through and this webinar is being put on to show people how they can come out the other side in a positive way. 

“We want to show people that it’s not just a matter of surviving, but a matter of thriving. Justin, who has years of experience helping people and teams to succeed, is the perfect person to show people how we can bounce back after lockdown. Thanks go to Ganly TipperLearning Ltd who are running the webinar.”