Are you ready to #TALKMONEY?

Jo Dugdale.

An Island firm is encouraging local people to join the conversation and get talking about their financial future ahead of Talk Money Week 2020. 

 Chartwell Financial Planners is joining the annual awareness campaign which aims to encourage people to open up about money management and start thinking about and preparing for a secure financial future. Running from 9th – 13th November, the initiative provides a platform for families and friends to open up the conversation about financial wellbeing. 

 Managing Director of Chartwell Financial Planners, Jo Dugdale, who formed the practice in 2019 after more than 25 years working in the financial services industry, says talking about money is vitally important for our personal and financial health. 

 Jo explained: ‘For some reason people tend to avoid talking openly about money and bury conversations that need to happen, often until it’s too late. Life can throw all sorts of curveballs at you, and if you aren’t prepared the financial consequences can be really challenging. Not only can being in control of your finances help reduce daily stress and anxiety, it can give you the freedom and flexibility to take opportunities as they arise and really make the most out of life. 

 ‘Whether you need to have the conversation with your partner about shared goals, a friend who often asks to borrow money, a family member with worrisome spending habits or even yourself about your financial future– the sooner you start to open up about money the sooner you will see the benefits. I appreciate these conversations can be awkward and in some cases emotional, but they should not be avoided. 

 ‘There are lots of ways you can start the conversation and there are resources available to help if you feel a little lost. As a starting point, head to and take a look at the handy conversation starter guides, which offer tips and advice for lots of different scenarios. 

‘At Chartwell, we have people enlisting our services at many different stages in their life – from people in their early twenties eager to get their finances in order from the off, to those coming up to retirement age and making plans for the future. It is important to remember that money management and planning for the future isn’t just about pensions – other things to give consideration to are investments, savings, buying property and so on. 

 ‘I appreciate that it is a lot to think about and it can be overwhelming, but there are many options which can secure your future and enable you to prosper financially. I’d encourage everyone to start have embrace that awkward conversation.’

 Chartwell Financial Planners is passionate about providing financial planning advice that is personal, tailored and simple, guiding clients towards their best life. The practice provides independent financial advice to private clients and business’, covering protection, investments, pensions and retirement planning. To find out more about Chartwell Financial Planners and see how it can help you, contact the team on 801409